A midline catheter is a medical device inserted through a vein in the arm and passed through to the larger veins near the heart. It gives fluids, medications, or other treatments to the large veins. Midline catheters are also used to take blood samples or draw other bodily fluids.

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  • When To Choose A Midline Catheter 
  • Benefits of a Midline Catheter Procedure 

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Midline Catheters 101 

Midline catheter has several medical applications, the most common of which is to draw blood or give fluids. They are also often used when a patient needs medication administered over an extended period.

Midline catheters are versatile pieces of medical equipment that have a variety of uses. They can be inserted into the arm, leg, or neck veins to draw blood, give fluids and medication, or take measurements. Midline catheters can also be used for long-term dialysis or to measure heart function.

Midline catheters offer many benefits over traditional peripheral IVs. For one, they are less likely to cause infection; this is because the insertion site is more remote from the patient’s vital organs than it is with a peripheral IV. 

Midline catheters also allow for more gradual fluid administration, which can be important for patients with renal failure or other conditions that make them susceptible to volume overload. Additionally, midline catheters are less likely to cause phlebitis than peripheral IVs.

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