AIMS Mobile Nursing is a home nursing care provider that offers a wide range of services to help you maintain your health and independence at home with vascular access care. We provide skilled nursing care designed to meet your individual needs and preferences. Our experienced and dedicated nurses team will work with you to create a customized health plan. Additionally, AIMS Mobile Nursing Registered Nurses are certified by the Oregon State Board of Nursing.  

We understand that each patient has different needs and will tailor our care to meet your specific goals. High standard care is our priority and we will work hard to ensure that you will receive our most professional care. 

AIMS Mobile Nursing is a qualified mobile nursing service that provides professional and compassionate care to patients in their homes. We believe everyone deserves the highest quality of care possible and are committed to providing that for our patients and their families.


Nursing Expertise with Decades of Experience 

AIMS Mobile Nursing is an American mobile healthcare nursing agency that provides nursing services with decades of experience. We believe it is vital to have a nurse with a high level of expertise on staff, as they can provide a wealth of knowledge and insight into patient care. This allows us to provide the best possible care for our patients and helps ensure they receive the treatment they need.

AIMS Mobile Nursing is committed to providing the highest quality of care possible, and we believe that our nurses are a vital part of this commitment. We are proud to have mobile nurses on staff who have dedicated their lives to helping others and we are grateful for their expertise. We believe their experience can help make a difference in the lives of our patients.

AIMS Mobile Nursing Services 

As our loved one ages, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that they receive the care and attention they need to maintain their health and wellbeing. This means receiving skilled signature home health services from a qualified nurse or another medical professional is vital..

Some services include: 

-Wound care

-IV therapy

-Monitoring vital signs

-Administering medications

-Assisting with activities of daily living

-Providing physical therapy

-Offering emotional support

There are many reasons to consider in-home nursing care for yourself or a loved one. Here are just a few:

If you or your loved one is struggling with a chronic health condition, in-home nursing care can provide the extra support and assistance needed to manage the situation and maintain good health.

In-home nursing care can also benefit those recovering from an illness or injury. The nurses can help with things like wound care, physical therapy, and other aspects of recovery.

In-home nursing care can also provide respite for caregivers. If you are the primary caregiver for a loved one, it can be challenging to manage everything on your own. Having a nurse come in to provide care can give you much-needed time to rest and recharge.

Compassionate Registered Nurses by Your Side 

AIMS Mobile Nursing Registered Nurses provide an array of vascular access nursing services, including PICC lines, ultrasound-guided IVs, and educational programs.

The importance of skilled home health services cannot be understated. These services can be a matter of life or death for some seniors. Contact a qualified home health care provider if you have an aging loved one who needs medical care.

At AIMS Mobile Nursing, we specialize in providing the proper in-home care so that our patients can receive medical care in the comfort of their own homes. Our experienced and dedicated staff know the areas of vascular access, so you can be confident in our services. Get the support you need by contacting us today.